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Our Services

Our Customer Portal offers one-stop-shop solutions for your business and your clients. Through our portal, you can white-label services to your clients or contact your consultant directly. 

You can manage your employees and clients all in one user-friendly platform. 

Process Payroll
Maintain Employee Files
Follow Up on Project Deadlines
Manage Accounts Receivables
And so much more!


We offer AI, Software Development Integration and Implementation, IT Optimization, System Suggestions and Integration Analysis, Security, HRIS Setup, Communication Systems Installation, LMS Development and Creation, and CRM Implementation and Development.

Human Resources

We offer Employee Handbook Creation, Development, and Correction, Work Culture Implementation, Benefits & PTO setup, Payroll Processing, Job Descriptions Development, Compensation Analysis, Onboarding, HR Documents, Talent Acquisitions, Training and Development, Talent Retention Strategy, Employee Communications, Employee Portal and Digital Folder, Employee Evaluations, Remote Work Monitoring, and Conflict Resolution. 

Smart Budgeting

We offer Financial Health Analysis, Accounting, Tax Services, Profit and Loss Analysis, Cash Flow, and Growth Strategy. 


We offer Logo Design, Branding, Target Audience, Product/Service/Sales, Website Development and Design, Marketing Strategy, SEO, App Creation and Development, Google Analytics and Ads, Advertisements, Promotions/Discounts, Subscriptions, and Email Marketing.

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